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Message from Founder!!


“Born on June 9th, 1939 in Thirukovilur, Tamil Nadu, M Nandagopal was one out of 10 siblings. However, there was something special about him. From a young age, he took a keen interest in education and was determined to complete his higher education and make a name for himself. Born to a poor family, he struggled and fought his way to a BSc agriculture degree from a college in Coimbatore. He worked for the Indian government in the Food Corporation of India (FCI). At one point he decided to quit his job and venture into business. That started the story of a man who never settled and kept toiling and sweating until he achieved something higher than greatness.

He is a man who never worked with the result in mind, he put all his effort into doing the best at whatever he could. After earning and achieving so much in his life, he felt something was missing. He then decided to build a school which could provide a world-class education to students in our country. So like the “man with a plan” that he is, he started Primrose Educational Trust in 2006.

An interest towards education has always been in him, whether it be his own or for others. Primrose schools stand to the legacy of the man who overcame all the obstacles in his life and proved to those around him that each one’s destiny is in their own hands. Primrose aims to instil his spirit and unwavering passion into all of our students. Primrose has grown under his leadership into a respected school which creates an environment for students to strive for greatness in their lives. Our chairman stands as a testament to the fact that those who enjoy and respect the process of the work will always obtain the greatest results.”

– Mr. M Nandagopal, Founder.

Founder Desk
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