Co-Scholastic Programs

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Co-Scholastic Programs

  • The school provides Classical Dance, Art & Craft within the school hours. Yoga, Karate, Basket Ball,Cricket,Throw Ball,Football, Badminton, Carrom, Drama, Chess, Theatre, and Music are part of Activity classes.


  • The General Assembly is a weekly feature on varied topics. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their interests and to promote their aspirations to compete at higher levels.


  • The school conducts an Annual concert every year in the month of March and it gives a platform for all the students to participate and exhibit their talents in front of their parents.


  • Project Day is conducted once a year with the intention of exposing children to areas of knowledge beyond their text books widening their existing knowledge. Project Days also helps all members of Primrose to integrate their works towards one single concept/theme.


  • Each child is unique and has a hidden talent which awaits for some stimulation from the external world to blossom. Every month houses an event like Origami, Show and Tell, Spell Bee, Speeches and Talent Shows. The students are rewarded to boost their confidence and to encourage them in nourishing their talents. Photos of winners are posted on our website and the school’s Facebook page.


  • Our Newsletter – Prim Buddies will be published in the electronic form every month. E- Newsletter will be published in the school’s Facebook page and also in the school website. Parents are requested to spend few minutes to check and appreciate the articles contributed by the children published in the Newsletter.


  • There is a multi-discipline exhibition hosted every year bringing out the essence of Literature, Science, History, Sports and Maths. The efforts and skills of the children are exhibited in the form of projects and models. Every child is recognized and appreciated for their effort. The Exhibition is open to all parents and other school children.


  • Annual Sport Meet is an occasion to see the budding sportsman in every child. We make sure every child participates in drill demonstrations or field events or track events. Championship awards are given to best performing individuals. Also, the top scoring House is awarded with rolling trophies. Every child is awarded an appreciation certificate for their enthusiastic participation. The main aim of the Meet is to instill pure sportsmanship and fairness that the children would need for an overall progression.


  • Each child receives an Appreciation Certificate on the Appreciation day hosted every year recognizing a positive aspect of the child’s personality and attitude. This is one of the unique methods of Primrose.
  • Primrose quenches the thirst of the children for the digital world through animation classes which inculcates research based education on imagination, creativity, innovation and professional development promoting the Team spirit and leadership skills of the child.


  • Book Lovers program for schools is based on books and storytelling, aimed at improving various skills like comprehending, communicating, listening, writing and nourishing the creativity of the child.
Co-Scholastic Programs
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