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Activities Galore At Primrose This July

Primrose not only stands for quality education, but also for identifying and nurturing the hidden talents in children through the monthly events. Read on to find out about the activities.

By ParentCircle

Principal Desk

From CEO Desk

A warm welcome to all my children and parents.

Just like how short spells of rain bring joy and nourishment to Mother Earth, this month, my heart was overfilled with joy due to the excellent performances of my children.

I was sitting in my cabin glancing at all my events lined up for the month. I heard a rhythm outside my office and felt positive vibes, which gave me a sudden surge of energy. Yes, the beats were part of the event that happens every month. The floor was set for children of classes I to VII to mesmerise the audience with their energetic performances.



Primrose is a large and active community and we have exciting activities happening on our campus every day. Our school not only stands for quality education, but also for identifying and nurturing the hidden talents in children. Our children are given the right platform to bring out their potential through the monthly event. The talent show organised for the month is a good example of this.

Children enthusiastically participated in solo dancing, solo singing, mono acting and playing instruments with pleasant musical notes. I stood watching them like a proud father whose family consisted of not only academically proficient children but also many artists.

We had conducted the Prim MUN (Model United Nations) with great zeal on the 1st and 2nd July 2017.


Amidst the entertainment that captivated me for a while, it was not too long before I was reminded of the exams that were lingering around the corner. I noticed that my children were busy preparing for their unit tests and midterm exams. I know exams are a nightmare for children and parents as well. Aristotle once said, ‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’. We should change our perception of looking at assessments as a process of labeling the child. Assessments are essential to know the intensity of the educational goal achieved. Assessments enable a teacher, child and parents to understand the child’s knowledge base and his further needs. Assessments should let parents and teachers understand specific needs of the child so that they can provide the right support and create a better learning environment. This aids the child to blossom, and enjoy the education.

Spending quality time is the key. Come, let’s create a better environment for our children to succeed.

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